Federal Career Experts

FEDERAL BENEFITS ADVISORS provides an easy to understand, FREE, PERSONALIZED COMPUTER ANALYSIS of Federal Employee Benefits program so that employees will know exactly where they stand both NOW and at RETIREMENT.

FEDERAL BENEFITS ADVISORS can also prevent unnecessary, irreversible loss of benefits; show federal benefits most do not know exist; what will happen with FEGLI upon retirement, and more.  FBA simplifies the Federal employees retirement process by providing answers without time and trouble on employees part.

AT FEDERAL BENEFITS ADVISORS our company’s philosophy provides a solid and all encompassing program that offers advice to our clients which includes the use of time-tested products, and the safety and security of such products.

Not one of our clients has ever LOST one penny of their assets due to MARKET CONDITIONS during the existence of our company, over the last 30 years. Finding extra income that many clients are unaware of is our strength.

We always put the client’s needs first. The families we work with have spent a lifetime accumulating the assets they have, and they deserve to have the very best plan for their situation.

We are Financial Planners specializing in RETIREMENT PLANNING using only the highest quality, fully guaranteed and insured products, which have a GUARANTEE of “ZERO” loss of principal. Many of the retirement products which we use also come with Guarantees of FUTURE LIFETIME INCOME as well as added benefits for LONG TERM CARE.


The difference is that the traditional financial planner works with his clients to help them CREATE ASSETS WHILE THEY ARE IN THEIR INCOME- PRODUCING YEARS. When a client reaches the age of 55-60, or when they stop working, whichever happens first, they have GRADUATED into the PRESERVATION PHASE OF THEIR LIFE’S ASSETS when they need to change directions to PRESERVE THEIR CAPITAL against ALL LOSSES since many more people will be living in retirement for more years than they may have worked or saved for. (This is where we come in!)

It is more important than ever to receive counseling in view of present and uncertain conditions, such as what CONGRESS WILL DO or MAY DO – Why it matters.  Our expertise is to give you advice on how to reduce your tax burden and the impact of RMDs on your portfolio.

…. and again, OUR BUSINESS APPROACH IS TO HELP YOU; as every client has HIS or HER own unique set of needs which is our challenge to meet!